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The International Committee of the Red Cross delivered modern equipment to the rescuers of Donetska oblast

Published: 15.01.2019, 16:53

The International Committee of the Red Cross is constantly providing assistance to the population. His staff have a common goal with the Rescue Service - to help people in trouble. Representatives of the Red Cross in Ukraine maintain close cooperation with the Head Department of SESU in Donetska oblast.

Thus, on January 14, a ceremony for the transfer of modern equipment and equipment to be used by rescuers during the assignment tasks was held on the basis of the Emergency and rescue detachment of special purpose of the Head Department of SESU in Donetska oblast . In particular, the rescuers received 3 table lens with backlighting, 3 saw blades, 35 sophisticated shovels, 6 sliders, a set of repair tools for electronics, a thermo-air soldering station with a soldering iron, a set of metal tweezers, 6 pliers and 100 insulated tapes. In addition, representatives of the Red Cross transferred the furniture to a comfortable arrangement of rescue workers.
Representatives of the Head Department expressed their gratitude for the equipment provided and look forward to further fruitful cooperation.
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